AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

Determining the AMPL and Solver Versions
that You're Running Now

AMPL version. You can look at the current version message by invoking AMPL with the -v command-line switch:
	% ampl -v
	AMPL Version 20121021
Or, at any point in an AMPL session, you can see the version message by looking at the contents of AMPL's version option, by typing
	ampl: option version;
	option version 'AMPL Version 20121021\
	ampl: print $version;
	AMPL Version 20121021
The 8-digit number represents a date in the form yyyymmdd -- 21 October 2012 in this example. You can compare this date against the dates of the entries in the AMPL change logs and in the writeups of new AMPL features.

Solver version. You can also look at the current version information for any AMPL-enabled solver by invoking it with the -v command-line switch. For example, to see version information for MINOS, you can type at the system prompt,

	% minos -v
	AMPL/MINOS 5.51 (MS cl 16.0 for x86_64), driver(20090923), ASL(20120120)
or at the AMPL prompt,
	ampl: shell 'minos -v';
	AMPL/MINOS 5.51 (MS cl 16.0 for x86_64), driver(20090923), ASL(20120120)
The first date refers to the interface program that is specific to the solver. Thehe second date is for the AMPL-solver library that all solver interface programs use.

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