AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

Upgrading to Version 1.6
of the AMPL Plus Student Edition Software

The AMPL Plus Student Edition 1.6 is the most recent version of the AMPL book software, provided on CD with AMPL books from early 2000 onward. It includes version 19991027 of the core AMPL translator, plus two solvers, CPLEX 6.5.3 and MINOS 5.5. Detailed information is provided in the readme file that comes with the release.

Obtaining an upgrade:  If you purchased an earlier copy of the AMPL book, you can arrange to download the AMPL Plus Student Edition 1.6 as follows.

Send an email message to, giving the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your institutional affiliation (university or company, for example)
  • The approximate date when you purchased the AMPL book
  • Your email address
In return, you will receive by email a URL (web address) for downloading the AMPL Plus Student Edition 1.6 distribution file, together with a password and instructions for installing the new version on your computer.

You can also write to for help with any difficulties with installation of the new software. Assistance with the AMPL language is not provided at this address, however; consult instead the AMPL book and the new feature writeups at this website, or write to

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