AMPL Student Edition Version Notes

Ampl.exe.gz is a compressed MSDOS extended-memory Student Edition
version of AMPL.  It is a "current" (frequently updated) version
of the AMPL.EXE that accompanies the AMPL book.  As such, it
is restricted to 300 variables and 300 constraints.  See
for information about other platforms and unrestricted versions.

Ampl.exe requires an Intel 80386 or equivalent (e.g., i486).
It was compiled by Symantec C/C++ version 6. It uses the DOSX 386
DOS Extender, which tries to work with whatever extended-memory
driver your system's CONFIG.SYS file may provide.  For example,
Symantec reports that DOSX works with Microsoft's HIMEM.SYS,
RAMDRIVE.SYS, SMARTDRV.SYS, with Microsoft Windows Versions 3.0
and 3.1 in Standard, Real, and Enhanced 386 modes, with Qualitas
386^MAX Version 5.0 and later (but not earlier), and with IBM's
VDISK.SYS and Quarterdeck's QEMM memory manager.

Watampl.exe.gz is similar to ampl.exe.gz, but was compiled by
WATCOM C/C++32 version 10.0b (which works around the Pentium
divide bug).  It requires a helper program, DOS4GW.EXE
(provided by WATCOM for use with programs compiled by WATCOM
and available in compressed form as dos4gw.exe.gz), that provides
extended-memory services.  We solicit feedback on the relative
merits of AMPL.EXE and WATAMPL.EXE.  Both require at least a 386,
and neither will run on all all configurations of such PCs.  This
is true of every compiler we have tried; such is the dreadful state
of computing under MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows.  Please send
feedback to (David M. Gay).

Compression of .gz files is by gzip, source for which is available by
ftp in  As a convenience, gzip binaries for
several systems (with names of the form system.executable) and
source for the gzip used to compress the *.gz files is available
for ftp from netlib directory gnu/gzip.  In particular, if you copy
gnu/gzip/dos.executable to an MSDOS machine (in binary mode), rename
it gzip.exe, and rename ampl.exe.gz ampl.exz, then on the MSDOS
machine you can recover ampl.exe by executing "gzip -dN ampl.exz".
"gzip -d" also uncompresses .Z files.

To use WATAMPL.EXE in a DOS window under MS Windows on a machine
that lacks a math coprocessor, it is necessary to have WEMU387.386
on the machine, say in the Windows directory (normally C:\WINDOWS),
and to add a line of the form


to the SYSTEM.INI file in the Windows directory (normally
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI).  WEMU387.386 is another program provided by
WATCOM for use with programs compiled by WATCOM compilers;
wemu387.386.gz is the result of using gzip to compress WEMU387.386.