AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

AMPL Book Errata

(These errata are for the second edition.)

20021008: Refman: Named problems and environments: note that a problem retains its current environment setting (in addition to drop/restore and fix/unfix state).

Refman: Append _oopt, _auxfiles, and (the archaic) _spec to basename($solver) rather than to $solver to determine the name of an environment variable.

Refman: .fix files contain "values" ? for linear defined variables, ! for nonlinear.

20030513: Document $abs_boundtol, $rel_boundtol, $show_boundtol (added nearly 10 years ago). They matter when recovering dual variable values after an interior-point solver returns.

20030523: pp. 303 and 473: the string values in option symsuf_table may not contain white space.

20031007: p. 476, line 4: omit the first colon. (There is a colon in the t-header.)

20040925: Add index entry for compound commands; explain that they're the if-then-else, looping, and { command; command; ... } commands.

20041022: In the Refman, mention that no incoming basis is transmitted (by "solve" or "write") when $send_statuses has its default value 1 and the problem involves integer variables. When $send_statuses = 2, the presence of integer variables is disregarded.

20060425: Meaning of $relax_integrality == 2 needs to be noted (presolve treats like option relax_integrality 1, but tells solver of no integer vars).

20070531: P. 459, description of normal(mu, sigma) should say "standard deviation" rather than "variance".

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